Best Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum For Hardwood

Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner For Pet HairPet lovers love their pets, but certainly don’t love their hair.

It’s certainly annoying when the hair is stuck in the hard to reach grooves of our precious hardwood floors.

Most people who live with the grief loose pet hairs cause usually turn to a handheld vacuum cleaner as a solution to their problems.

Not all of these cleaners solve them well, of course. So what should we look for in a good handheld vacuum for pet hair? Which ones do a good job of removing pesky hair, especially from hardwood floors?

What to Consider in a Handheld Vacuum

1. The controls should be easy to use

The controls on a handvac shouldn’t have to be held as you do your work. This makes it hard for you to complete heavier chores If you need to use it for longer periods, it should allow you to adjust speeds.

2. Check the waste containers

These should preferably be large so that they needn’t be removed until your chores are done. They should also be easily detached from the handvac. It’s quite annoying to struggle to remove one in a cloud of dust.

3. It should be of a good size and weight

A good handvac shouldn’t be too heavy or light. It should feel comfortable and not require too much effort to hold, since you might be using it for long periods.

4. It should have a runtime that’s long enough

Keep in mind if the handvac’s runtime is enough for you to clean everything you need to around the house. You can be frazzled trying to charge it halfway through the cleaning process.

Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment5. Attachments should suit your needs

Have a look at the accessories that come with the handvac.

Some come with rotating brushes that remove pesky hair efficiently.

Dusting brushes and crevice tools are useful as well.

The Pros and Cons of Handheld Cleaners

Handvacs are usually convenient to use. They are definitely the best portable vacuum available and they can clean tough spots anywhere. Though most of today’s handvacs can tackle heavier duty tasks, most still aren’t designed for doing major cleaning jobs.

Top 8 handheld vacuum cleaners that remove pet hair efficiently

1. The Eureka Easy Clean

The Eureka Easy Clean is not cordless, but does have an extra long cord that allows it a little extra reach. It can clean horizontal and vertical surfaces easily and it’s wonderful on pet hair. Its power switch is remarkably easy to use and it’s extremely quiet. However, it’s dust cup is difficult to empty. It’s also hard to maneuver on floors, pushing dirt rather than sucking it up. It’s good for cleaning messes, including hair, on surfaces other than floors.

2. The Shark Pet Perfect II SV78014

Although this is not the best vacuum for hardwood, it’s still great at removing hair from hard surfaces and hard to reach places. It doesn’t really have good suction power, peaking in performance for only five minutes. However, it’s easy to maneuver and has handle you can grip comfortably. It’s accessories, like the crevice tool, dusting brush and motorized brush, enables you to remove stubborn pet hair easily.

3. Shark Pet Perfect SV75 Handheld Vacuum

This performs better than the Shark Pet Perfect II. It’s also less expensive. It cleans floors well, though not perfectly. This handvac has a comfortable handle and a nifty crevice tool. Its motorized brush removes hair from carpets and upholstery. However, it has short runtime power, only at about 3.5 minutes. Like the Shark Pet Perfect II, it’s good for quick pet hair removal.

4. Shark Bagless Hand Vac V15ZN31

This handvac could be a handy appliance, depending on your needs. It’s motorized brushes make it excellent at removing hair from carpets and upholstery. However, it doesn’t work well on floors. It’s also heavy and noisy. If you’re looking for a handvac that removes pet hair from your car seats, carpets or other upholstery, this is the handvac for you.

5. FilterStream Dirt Tamer

This is a dream handheld vac. It works on most surfaces, including hardwood, and is able to clean up virtually any mess. There’s no need to worry about whether it’s wet or dry. Its attachments make it virtually unnecessary to use mops to clean small spills or pet messes. It comes with a squeegee that does the job. Its crevice tool enables it to get to hard to reach places. It has a power switch that locks, so you don’t have to keep your finger there when you need to clean for long periods of time. It has snazzy features like a headlight which allows you to see what its picking up in dark corners. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner.

6. Black and Decker CHV 1510

This is one of the Best vacuum for hardwood floors, but it can work great on just about any surface. One of its advantages is its 15.6 V motor. This gives it incredible suction power to remove all that annoying hair. Its already attached crevice tools are a boon for the forgetful who easily misplace these after use. Flexible, it can be stored vertically, horizontally or mounted. It’s one of Black and Decker’s best creations thus far.

7. The Dirt Devil Gator 18V

True to its name, the Dirt Devil Gator 18V delivers 18V of powerful suction. It makes a wonderful choice as a handvac because of its powerful attachments. Its rotating brush is able to clean almost any surface, from fabrics to hardwood floors. Pet hairs find it hard to defend themselves. Its built in crevice tools enables you to reach those hard-to-clean grooves and corners. It also has a transparent bin that flips open and empties easily. It’s design is always a draw, because its handle is easy to grip for lengths of time without your hands getting tired. This handvac is an excellent choice for pet owners because of its flexible design and great suction power.

8. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a handvac to get rid of hair in hard to reach places. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is perfect for households with pets who shed heavily. It has a powerful nozzle that attracts pet hair. Flexible on almost any surface, this cleaner can be used on any surface, including stairs and hardwood floors. Its deluxe charging base can be mounted on a wall for added convenience. An attractive feature of this vacuum is that its containers can be easily dumped with the touch of a button. This handvac is the handvac to look for if you are a hassled pet owner looking for ways to get rid of all that hair. There’s a good range of handvacs that gets rid of pet hair, but the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is also a great hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

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